So many of our favorite productions from SYTYCD to major Broadway productions are preparing to guest for their spring and summer seasons! Auditioning is a stressful process. It’s hard to put yourself in the spotlight for a chance to advance, but in the end, whether you get the part you auditioned for or not, every audition is a valuable learning experience. Auditions are a glimpse into the world of professional dancing, so it is important to learn the appropriate audition etiquette!

Go to Bed Early

A good night’s rest the night before an audition will prepare you mentally and physically for the performance ahead. If you stay up late and arrive to your audition tired, the judges will notice! Even if you are on time, you want to seem happy to be there. If you are tired and spacey, that can be hard to accomplish. Make sure to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep before an audition.

Look Your Best

You want to arrive at the audition 100% ready to go. This means you should be dance ready in every way. If you are doing your hair in the hallway before your audition it makes it seem like you are rushing and may be unprepared for the audition. Make sure to have everything from your hair to your dancewear ready to go when you get to the audition that way all you have to do before you dance is stretch!

Of course, some auditions may require you to do multiple things like sing and dance or perform multiple styles of dance. Taking the time to change shoes or prepare yourself between different parts of the audition is fine, but show the judges that you are ready for whatever they throw at you.

Ask Questions

It is ok to misunderstand a combination or have a question about a routine during an audition. Casting directors and judges do not expect you to be a superhero. They want to see what you are capable of. Asking questions to better perform the things they are asking you to do will show integrity and responsibility.

Be Respectful

Even when you are not dancing, you should be professional. The company holding the audition is looking at you as a dancer, but they are also looking at you as an employee. How you act during the parts of the audition you are not participating in tell as much about your work ethic as the way you act when you are participating. This means paying attention when other dancers are auditioning! You never know when you might receive new directions! Stand to the side while you wait and make sure to be quiet. You wouldn’t want someone to interrupt your audition by talking, so you should give other dancers the same respect.