GOOD Dance Teachers…

Are Prepared

Good dance teachers know what they are going to do at the start of every class, and they are ready to do whatever it takes to help their students be the best they can be.

Can Dance

Good dance teachers can dance. They grew up dancing and want to help new dancers learn how to achieve their dance dreams.

Give Criticism

These teachers can easily tell a student what they are doing wrong or need to work on and are always willing to redemonstrate a move or routine to steer them in the right direction.

Are Understanding

Understanding teachers notice the things that may hold students back or affect their performance and work with them, but they still have to work within their schedule to keep the entire class on track toward being successful dancers.

Are Nice

Nice teachers focus on being good to their students. They aim to engage their students and make them good dancers.

GREAT Dance Teachers…

Are Flexible

Great dance teachers understand that each student learns differently and are willing to work with individual needs of a single student to make sure that the class and each individual student succeed.

Love to Dance

Great dance teachers know that dance is more than a hobby or an after-school activity and want to share their passion with their students.

Give Feedback

These teachers can see when a student’s struggles go beyond simply misunderstanding a technique. They show students how to perform moves correctly and encourage them to explore ways they can move forward.

Are Patient

Patient teachers know that setbacks are inevitable when learning an art form as complex and time-consuming as dance. Because of this, they are willing to bend schedules and expectations to work toward their students’ success.

Are Kind

Great teachers are confident, compassionate, and comfortable with their students. They share their knowledge and give advice to their students with love.