With competition season only six months away, you’re probably back at the drawing board, planning new routines for regionals and even finals. You might have a theme in mind or maybe one or two combinations that you are excited to try out, but every routine needs the perfect song. These five tracks might be the perfect place to start.

“Lost” – Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy’s music has appeared twice on Season 16 of So You Think You Can Dance, and we can see why! There’s a lot of power in these lyrics. “Lost” could be the perfect song to accompany an emotional solo or even a group number.

“I Forgot That You Existed” – Taylor Swift

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, is full of songs for every occasion. If you’re choreographing a triumphant routine about overcoming an obstacle, “I Forgot That You Existed” might just be what you’re looking for.

“Shallow” – Lady Gaga

“Shallow” has been a song for everyone to obsess over and love ever since A Star is Born made its debut. This song is practically begging to be the background for a dazzling lyrical routine.

“I Don’t Care” – Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber together!? It’s no wonder “I Don’t Care” was one of the best songs of the summer. It’s also the perfect song to bring to the stage for an upbeat hip hop routine.

“It’s Time to Celebrate” – JoJo Siwa

It wouldn’t be a complete list of tracks to inspire competition routines without JoJo Siwa. JoJo routines are so in, especially for groups of younger dancers. Any dance to this song will certainly be a celebration.