The dance season really kicks off as fall approaches. This is dance convention season, back-to-dance season, and prep-time for winter musicals and plays. It might seem like the year overall is winding down, but dancers are just getting started with their latest projects when summer ends. It’s the perfect time to encourage your students to push their productivity and branch out.

See a Live Performance

Being in the studio and being on stage are so different, but it can be hard to show your dancers what their audience sees under the spotlight. Encouraging your students to go to a live performance of a musical, a play, or any other public production of the skills they are working on in the studio can be really inspiring.

Attend and Audition

Especially important for older students, attending auditions and gaining audition experience early sets dancers up for a future career in dance. It also gives dancers valuable resources for dance classes beyond high school and for learning how to critique their own performances.

Try a New Style

When you head back to the studio, it’s time to start planning dance teams and competition routines, but it’s also a great time for your dancers to explore new things. Maybe your dancer wants to work on leaps, so they can take center stage in that contemporary performance, or they want to work on their rhythm with hip hop classes. Encourage them to explore!

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