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If you want to slay the week, you have to start somewhere! Start your week head on, and treat Mondays as just another day to be fabulous and successful, not a slow, painful wait for Tuesday to roll around.


Looking at the beginning of every week as a fresh start to a new adventure is an easy way to begin the week positively. It might seem like an ordinary Monday, but you never know what might happen!

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We know that you’re amazing. You know that you’re amazing. Flaunt it! Show everyone how much you are getting done on a Monday. Anyone that can take Monday head-on is someone that is going places fast.


Positivity is the key to a successful week and, beyond that, a successful life. Don’t let a Monday turn your smile upside down! Remember that life is good, and Mondays are the same as any other day – we just aren’t big fans of the name.


Believe in yourself, and your achievements will follow! No one ever got anywhere doubting themselves. Why hold yourself back? Wake up every Monday thinking “I am amazing, and I can do this,” and no one will be able to stop you.


If you think of Mondays as a hard transition from the weekend to the week, you won’t ever get anything done. Instead, think of Mondays as the first leg of a race you are going to win! There is no doubt that you are going to do amazing things this week. Why wait until Tuesday to get started on them?