1. Play it Cool

It is easy to get overly stressed about something whether it is a big event in your life or just something you are really excited about. Either way, stay calm and focus on how amazing it will be.

2. Waddle Toward Success

Sometimes success takes longer to reach than we expect or than we want it to. Remember that sometimes it takes small steps to reach a big goal.

3. Stand with Your Support System

Think of the people that are always there to cheer you on when you succeed and there to pick you up when you fall down. Don’t forget to be there for the people that are there for you.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Dive Deep

Not everything is as easy as it looks. It might be daunting, but taking the time to research and plan will only make it easier to achieve your goals. 

5. Keep Moving

Penguins are known for migrating across the icy plains of Antarctica. Their journey is cold and tough, but they push through! Approach the tough parts of your personal journeys the same way, and you’ll make it to your goals.

6. Make a Good Frost Impression

Whether you are making a new friend or auditioning for a big role, you should always put your best flipper forward! You never know if you will have a second chance to show someone who you are.