Valentine’s Day is coming up, but so is Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day! Is there a better way to spend a day made for friendship and love than with your dance team? We don’t think so! Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for romance. It’s a perfect day for celebrating all of your closest friends, too.

Here are some ways that you can celebrate the day with your team this month:

Host a Sleepover

One of the best and easiest options for any dance team celebration, choose a house and have everyone come over and spend the night! From there, it’s all about fun. Plan for a movie night, games, or one of the other Valentine’s activities below!

Go Out to Dinner as a Team

It can be exciting to go somewhere new as a team, especially if you go to a higher-end restaurant. You could also go to your team’s good luck dinner spot. For extra fun, have everyone dress up to make the occasion extra special.

Have a Craft Night

There are so many options for this one! Make matching team shirts or room decor or simply spend a couple hours creating and exchanging Valentine’s Day cards. You could have people work as teams to make things together or let everyone make their own thing. But the possibilities are endless on what to make. Don’t worry. We have even more ideas…friendship bracelets, decorated pointe shoes, photo collages, competition season good luck charms…

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

This one is a fun get-together that everyone is guaranteed to love. For extra fun (and sweet treats) make your sundae bar really extra and go full out with all the toppings, cones, etc. If you want to amp up the Valentine’s them, don’t forget toppings that are pink, red, and white and plenty of hearts!

Spa Night

You can never go wrong with a little bit of self-care. As a dancer, you are constantly on your feet and moving your body in the most extreme ways. A spa night is a perfect opportunity to relax and give your body a bit of a break. You could do things such as face and masks, paint your nails, and everyone’s favorite self-care activities. Love your friends. Love yourself!

Host a Baking Contest

If you know someone with a big enough kitchen, this is super fun to do as a team. Separate into pairs or groups, pick a recipe, and see who can make the best dessert. This one could get a bit messy, but trust us, the fun will be well worth it.

Valentine’s Day can be for friends, too! Take advantage of all the love in the air to tell your teammates, teachers, and studio friends how much you appreciate them!