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Halloween is coming before we know it. While parties and trick-or-treating loom, we can’t leave dance out of our Halloween plans! Is there a better way to get into the spooky spirit than to celebrate with your dance studio? Gather your dance BFFs and plan the perfect costumes. Here are some easy, fun, and creative ways to enjoy Halloween in the dance studio this year!

Halloween Movie Night

A movie night is always a must for Halloween! To add a fun spin to your average movie night, you might have a movie marathon, a sleepover at the studio, or even a bring your own dessert night. With a little setting up, you can transform a room in your studio into a cozy sleepover space!

You can’t have a movie night without the movies, so pick all-time classics that you can’t go wrong with. The Harry Potter series, Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus (and Hocus Pocus 2!), and the Halloweentown series are all great options!.

Halloween Music Video Contest

This is a great one for teamwork! On top of the holiday, a new dance season has just started and everyone might not know each other yet. A contest is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween and bond with your teammates. Separate into multiple different teams (don’t forget a spooky team name!), pick a Halloween song, and choreograph a music video—or, if a music video is too long you could do a TikTok dance. Get creative and just dance for fun.

Costume Contest

Costume contests are a must when it comes to Halloween! Come up with prizes such as goody bags, trophies, candy, or Halloween trinkets for the winners. Everyone can vote for “Most Danceable Costume,” “Scariest Costume,” “Classic Halloween Costume,” and “Best Group Costume.”

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“You’ve been boo’d”

Getting boo’d is a fun way to bring everyone together with a little bit of kindness! All you have to do is fill a basket with some small Halloween goodies, then leave it for a friend with a note that says “You’ve been boo’d.” They continue the fun and “boo” someone else and so on. This is such a fun way to add a surprise twist to the typical Halloween traditions while also getting everyone involved.

Paint or Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a classic that you can never go wrong with. If you’re worried about getting pumpkin guts all over the studio, another option is painting pumpkins! You can even get faux craft pumpkins that will last Both are a fun way to decorate a studio as well as have some team bonding.

Scavenger Hunt

A spooky scavenger hunt can be so fun to do throughout the studio. Add fun twists to it such as having to be blindfolded (perfect if you have older dancers) or create spooky obstacles with decorations. Write Halloween-themed clues that lead to candy, giftcards, and other small prizes like stickers.

Plan a Field Trip

Sometimes it’s nice to spend time together outside of practice. To get in the Halloween spirit, gather your teammates for a trip to a corn maze, apple orchard, pumpkin patch, or Halloween parade. If you’re feeling brave, you might even try out a haunted house!