Showstopper Magazine Online Fashion Writer Christy Lyn has spent most of her life in the studio. That means she knows the ins and outs of all kinds of studio events, parties, and performances—including an all-time favorite, Halloween. Over the last five years, Christy has used her Studio to Street series to bring us the best Halloween dance costumes from the quick and easy (mermaids, angels, and superheroes) to the iconic (Kim Possible, Minnie Mouse, and the Powerpuff Girls).

We collected all of Christy’s costumes here to inspire your Halloween studio looks no matter how you’re dancing or the size of your costume closet.

Go-To Dance Ready Halloween Costumes

If you get to dress up for dance class at your studio, or if you just want a danceable Halloween look, keep reading! These are three go-to Halloween costume ideas for this season, to take from the Street to the Studio! All these looks are made from dancewear, so take out your fun-colored leotards and get creative! Here are some ways to transform your dancewear into fierce and fun costumes!

3 Gorgeous Halloween Costumes Perfect for Dance Fashionistas

It’s time to embrace fall flavors (it’s PSL season, too), pumpkin décor, and the opportunity to push the boundaries of your fashion creativity for Halloween! Dressing up this month can be extra fun and well… just extra.

If you get to dress up for dance class at your studio, or if you just want a danceable (but still iconic) Halloween look, I am here to give you some inspiration! It’s time to raid your dancewear drawer and get creative because all these looks are made from–well, of course, dancewear. These three looks are my go-to Halloween costume ideas for in and out of the studio this season!

3 Gorgeous Halloween Costumes You Can Absolutely Dance In

It is spooky season. That means it’s time to make it official with pumpkins, scary movie nights, and dressing up with your besties (in person or online). It’s one of my favorite times of the year, a holiday where we get to celebrate our creativity and dress up in costumes and style looks with no limits! Whether you get to dress up for dance class at your studio or if you just want a Halloween look you can move in, here is a style guide of a few of our favorite costume ideas—all made with dancewear, of course.

These Halloween Dance Looks are Perfect Whether You’re Going for Spooky OR Chic

Dressing up and transforming into new characters is one of our favorite parts of this time of year, so let’s have fun with our spooky season fits. You don’t have to look too hard for the perfect haunted ensemble or chic disguise. The best place to start is always your dance closet! Let’s dive into our annual style guide for putting together showstopping Halloween looks with dancewear.

These Halloween Dance Looks are SO on Trend

Trick or treat! Pumpkin spice vibes are everywhere. Happy spooky season! It’s October, and we are ready for a celebration that is full of fun, fabulous fashion, and Halloween festivities.

The Halloween tradition of dressing up in costume is celebrated around the world—and in the dance studio. If you want a danceable Halloween outfit perfect for grooving and Monster Mash-ing, then keep reading for Halloween costumes made for the studio.

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