Disney has finally given us the teaser trailer we’ve all been waiting for. With the live action revamp of the Disney classic set to hit theaters May 24th, 2019, movies buffs and Disney fans alike are looking for any details they can get about the translation from animation to a new format.

The trailer shows off the sprawling deserts surrounding Agrabah.

Some familiar, dastardly locations.

And, of course, Aladdin himself.

With less than two minutes of footage and only a glimpse of some our other favorite characters like Jafar’s parrot companion Iago, we’re anxious to see what will be revealed by the full-length trailer. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see¬†Jasmine and her tiger Rajah and even the Sultan soon. Until then we’re content to wonder how Aladdin is going to escape that tomb of treasures.