What are you excited to watch in June? Donald Duck will celebrate his 90th anniversary in three animated shorts while Doctor Who and The Alcolyte takes us on sci-fi journeys through space and time. Whether you’re feeling the magic or settling in for a documentary, these are the titles coming to Disney+ this month.

Monday, June 3

World Eats Bread (Season 1, 3 episodes)

Tuesday, June 4

Erased: WW2’s Heroes of Color (S1, 4 episodes)

The Acolyte (Two Episode Premiere)

Wednesday, June 5

Disney Jr.’s Ariel: Mermaid Tales (Shorts) (Season 1, 10 episodes)

Friday, June 7

Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation

Doctor Who (New Episode)

Saturday, June 8

Protecting Paradise: The Story of Niue

Sunday, June 9

Celebrating Donald Duck’s 90th Anniversary (“Crazy Over Daisy,” “Out on a Limb,” and “DIY Duck”)

Tuesday, June 11

The Acolyte (Episode 3)

Wednesday, June 12

Fiennes Return to the Wild (Season 1, 2 episodes)

SuperKitties (Season 2, 4 episodes)

Friday, June 14

Doctor Who (New Episode)

Tuesday, June 18

Clotilda: The Return Home

The Acolyte (Episode 4)

Wednesday, June 19

Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (Season 4, 11 episodes)

Meet Spidey and His Amazing Friends (Shorts) (Season 3, 5 episodes)

To Catch a Smuggler (Season 7, 8 episodes)

Wicked Tuna (Season 13, 12 episodes)

Friday, June 21

Doctor Who (New Episode)

Tuesday, June 25

The Acolyte (Episode 5)

Wednesday, June 26

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal (Season 3, 7 episodes)

Tiny House Nation (Season 1, 8 episodes, special episode “Tiny Haunted Houses”)

Wahlburgers (Season 1, 10 episodes)

Friday, June 28


Disney Jr.’s Ariel (Season 1, 8 episodes)

Saturday, June 29

Chibi Tiny Tales (Shorts) (Season 5,8 episodes)

Paranormal State (Season 6, 8 episodes)

ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series (Season 1, 11 episodes)

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