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Season 9 of Brat TV’s Chicken Girls is coming so soon, and with the new season comes new drama, new stories, and lots of new characters. The “San Francisco Kids” have moved to Attaway, and the new kids are shaking things up for your favorite characters. We caught up with one of the new kids, 15-year-old actress Adriana Camposano who plays Poppy, to get an inside look at her character and Season 9.

You might recognize Adriana from her role as Lucy on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, a role more typical for Adriana and her acting goals. “As a kid, I definitely saw myself going towards those roles that were very comedic and full of energy and super bubbly,” she said, “but I think as I’ve grown up and matured more, my favorite type of roles are focused on more dramatic, more real, authentic type of characters that people can connect to on an emotional level.” But she’s going back to her roots with her latest role.

Adriana has been acting and modeling since she was just 5 years old, and she’s still in love with it! Inspired by the characters on classic Nickelodeon shows like Victorious and iCarly, Adriana sees Chicken Girls as a return to the roles that inspired her to start acting in the first place. “I remember telling my mom how I always wanted to be like the people I watched on TV as a young kid,” she shared with us. (Fun fact: Adriana even had her mom cut bangs for her so she could look like Sam (Jennette McCurdy) in iCarly.)

Courtesy of Adriana Camposano

“Being able to go on [Chicken Girls] and play the role as Poppy was definitely a difference in character,” Adriana told us, but she said the change and joining the CG cast was “super fun.” “I think [Poppy] resembles a lot of characters that I loved at a younger age, for instance, Cat from Victorious, I could definitely see a connection between those two characters being kind of oblivious and in their own little world.”

According to Adriana, Poppy is “hippy-ish” with a spiritual flair. “She’s someone that’s super optimistic, so she uses that spiritualness and that good energy and she vibrates it off to other people.” She wants us to keep this in mind as Season 9 starts to air. While Poppy and the rest of the San Francisco kids rub others the wrong way when they first arrive at Attaway, Adriana says it’s because they’re just misunderstood. “I think [Poppy] is always standing up for herself and knows what she wants, so people find that threatening. She comes into this new school and knows that she can fit right in which might seem odd because she’s the new girl at the school, but once people get to know the real her and the way that she kind of grooves throughout her life, they get kind of more understanding about why she is the way she is.” Clearly, they just need to warm up to Poppy’s aura!

Along with all the usual Attaway drama, Adriana shared that we can also get excited for at least one big dance scene in Season 9. We’re sure that the number is going to be great, but Adriana is excited to see the final product, too. “It was pretty hectic honestly, learning the dances for this, because of just our own personal scheduling, but I think with having experience and being able to pick up on choreography, I was able to fulfill that quickly.” Like many members of the CG cast, Adriana has been dancing for years!

With such a big addition to the cast, we’re more excited for this new season of Chicken Girls than ever! Adriana shared with us that everyone on set was “super sweet and welcoming, and they were all super kind,” so we’re sure the chemistry on-screen is fantastic!

Season 9 of Chicken Girls premieres on October 26 on Brat TV’s YouTube channel. Adriana will be watching along with the rest of us, so be sure to cheer her and the rest of the new cast on! You can also look for Adriana in her upcoming projects including a Hulu show she’ll be sharing more details about soon and her starring role in the short film Laurina.

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