Ariana Grande, Photographer: Lev Radin, Shutterstock / Cynthia Erivo, Photographer: Quinn Jeffrey, Shutterstock

Broadway star Cynthia Erivo and pop star Ariana Grande announced that they would be our Glinda and Elphaba in the film adaptation of Wicked. When they announced that they would be joining the long-delayed production, both stars sent each other flowers with notes celebrating their roles. It looks like the sweet little notes are continuing now that things with the Wicked film—recently announced to be two films—are moving.

Both stars shared closeup previews of sheet music for their characters yesterday. And Ariana and Cynthia weren’t the only ones saying “Good news!” “Did that really happen?”

Jon M. Chu shared some big Wicked news, including a new 2024 release date, that had fans celebrating. Our Glinda and Elphaba were busy celebrating each other, though. Ariana shared Cynthia’s sheet music post to her stories with the caption “i 💚 @cynthiaerivo” (in green, of course).

@arianagrande / Instagram

Cynthia responded with a sweet and simple “I 💕 @arianagrande.”

@cynthiaerivo / Instagram

If that wasn’t enough to make our hearts melt about this incredible duo as friends and co-stars, Ariana responded with another story, this time in Glinda pink, “i am so happy.” Cynthia followed, in green, with “Me too lovely.”

@arianagrande / Instagram
@cynthiaerivo / Instagram

With such sweet messages passing between these two since their casting was announced, it’s hard to believe they’ll play frenemies on screen! One thing is for sure. Their chemistry is going to be incredible.

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