Back to the Future opened on The West End and has quickly become a must-see musical. We’re not surprised that nostalgia for this classic sci-fi film has people hyped for theater, but we are excited to see that Back to the Future will be making its way to the United States sooner than you think.

The official Back to the Future Twitter posted yesterday. “Synchronize Your Watches — The Future’s coming to Broadway in 2023!!!” The tweet said over a very brief teaser. “Be the first to buy tickets. Sign up yesterday.”

Back to the Future hasn’t announced any official details about its New York run such as production details, casting, dates, or what theater the show will be calling home.

The Olivier Best New Musical-winning West End run of Back to the Future: The Musical opened last year and stars Olly Dobson as Marty McFly and Roger Bart as Emmet “Doc” Brown. The musical is, of course, based on the 1985 film which follows teen Marty McFly on a time-traveling adventure back to the 1950s after his friend, the scientist Doc Brown, takes them for a ride in a DeLorean that can do more than speed down the highway.