There are plenty of expectations that we all have. If you do a certain thing, you’ll get a certain outcome. If everyone likes something, you should probably give it a shot. But, sometimes, straying away what’s popular and trendy might lead you to routines and practices that make your life easier because they work for you and no one else.

Figure Out What Works Best For You

This applies best to organization and sleep. Not everyone is naturally a morning person, and not every organization system will work to keep you on track the way it works for someone else. If you feel rested on less than eight hours of sleep or if you feel better going to bed very early and waking up before the sun rises, play with that! If you like keeping a long to-do list instead of a carefully sectioned planner, do it! Finding the rhythms and schedules that make you most productive will be more helpful than trying to fit yourself into others’ routines.

Don’t Be Afraid to Procrastinate

Did you know procrastination can actually be useful? The key is to procrastinate with a purpose and not just to be lazy. Recognize when your procrastination is effective rather than destructive.

Effective procrastination allows you to push things back to find inspiration or energy or whatever else you might need to complete a task. This might mean you have less time to work, but you’ll be more prepared to get it done in time. Destructive procrastination allows you to push something to the very last minute so you have to rush to finish it.

If your procrastination is effective, use it to your advantage. Just don’t let destructive procrastination get the best of you.

Speak Up

When you have a great idea, don’t be afraid to put it out there. Even if there are other plans already in motion, or you don’t feel like you have authority, your ideas are valuable and might make things easier or more successful. Ask if you can add another leap or interact with a rhythm more in a piece of choreography. Try to approach a problem from a new direction. Even if you don’t get to put your idea in motion, get in the habit of putting them out there so when your moment comes, you’ll be ready to strike.