Andi Mack star Sophia Wylie has spent the last year getting back to her roots as a dancer with music videos, classes, and dance projects. Now, she’s taking her skills to the screen again to share dance with all of her fans.

Her new show, “Dancing with Sofia Wylie”, features Sofia as she dances with some of the best dancers, choreographers, and teachers in the dance world. Guest stars so far include Ezra Sosa, Charity and Andres from NBC’s World of Dance, and the Arnold sisters. And it’s not all dancing, Sofia sits down with the dancers she brings onto her show to talk about dance, competing, and advice they have for their fans. She’s also working with these dancers to put together dance tutorials that you can follow along with.

Next up in Sofia’s list of incredible guests are some of the stars of Dancing with the Stars: Juniors, but you never know which of your favorite dancers she might bring in to Millenium’s Salt Lake City studio next.