It turns out you really can dance anywhere, and BTS is dancing for a cause. The K-pop group visited the United Nations for a “Permission to Dance” performance while they were there to share remarks on climate change and the pandemic.

The assembly BTS attended was in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for countries around the world. As a presidential envoy for South Korea, BTS came to share messages they collected from fans in their teens and twenties in answer to the question “What were the past two years like for you, and what’s your world like today?” Through those responses, BTS shared optimism from a generation that is hopeful for the future and concerned and motivated to make big changes.

The group then shared their own optimism by announcing that all seven members of BTS are vaccinated, and they debuted a new performance of their English single and Ed Sheeran collaboration “Permission to Dance.” A freeing bop if we’ve ever heard one, “Permission to Dance” seems like the perfect song for pairing dance with diplomacy. We’re excited to see BTS continuing to use their influence to make an impact with their music and their community.