Today, Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer, and mult-instrumentalist Cassie Marin shared her new single, “Gemini,” along with some exciting news about her forthcoming album.

More synth-pop magic from Cassie Marin who has spent the year so far releasing thought-provoking singles with bittersweet vocals and empowering messages. Following her most recent release, “Floating,” “Gemini” is surprisingly not about astrology. In fact, Cassie shared on Instagram, “fun fact: i’m not a gemini, nor do I have any gemini anywhere in my astrological chart. i’m not even super into astrology, but found a sense of fascination in the way i’ve always had the tendency to look at things from both sides.”

“It comes with the positive of not being quick to judge, but when it pertains to analyzing my characters, it can create a confusing and inescapable duality that becomes, at times, overwhelming,” she continued. “The song sees me tackling one side of myself with humor and the other side of myself with passion. One side feels deserving of the good things that come to me while the other side feels stuck in an unwanted habit of self-sabotage. It’s a bit of a mood swing of a song that I feel many can relate to. Ultimately, it’s about acknowledging the partitioned soul, the partitioned mind, and attempting to fuse them against the forces that repel them.”

Cassie’s much-anticipated album Lil 5i5 will follow in a little over a month. The 19-track album will feature all of Cassie’s dance and rhythm-driven music and powerful lyrics when it arrived on August 12.

“I started pursuing music as a career because of what music did and still does for me; it saves me every day,” she said of the album and her music overall. “I want my music to be there for anyone and everyone who needs it the way that music was there for me.”

Photographer: Gerardo de Sousa

“Gemini” is streaming now on all platforms.

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