Photography: Jackson Young

Erin Reese is a multi-talented performer with a background in dance turned teen pop-country artist. We caught up with Erin to talk about her journey into music and her latest single, a love song full of summer fun.

Starring in hit shows like Brat TV’s Chicken Girls, Erin is probably a familiar face, but her music career is just getting started. She released her first single, “Little Miss Hollywood” in 2018, but in 2020, she really dove into music. We asked Erin how she decided to start creating music when she was already an established actress. “It sort of all rolled into each other,” she said. “Modeling led to acting. I then performed in musical theater which incorporated acting, dancing, and singing. My musical theater teacher suggested vocal lessons, and it took off from there.”

Photography: Jackson Young

“All of my songs have a personal meaning and typically a positive message for listeners,” she said about her music so far. Her latest song “Get to Know Ya” came out this month, and it’s a sweet love song about learning all of the little details of a person during a relationship. “I wanna get to know your brown eyes and where they came from” Erin sings in the chorus. What could be sweeter than that?

Along with the single, Erin filmed a music video for “Get to Know Ya” that features one of her favorite things, camping. “I love being outdoors,” she told us, “camping, the beach, you name it.” In the video, Erin and her love interest take on the role of camp counselor at Camp Get to Know Ya. The video is just under three minutes long, but the whole camp experience is there, secret handshakes and relay races to swimming and talent shows. (Do you you want to go to Camp Get to Know Ya? We totally do!) One of the major scenes in the video shows Erin center-stage with campers dancing around her.

While many of her peers have found their footing in pop music, Erin is at home in country. (Are we surprised? Erin also appeared in Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors and Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. She’s definitely at home in the country genre.) She doesn’t seem to have settled down, though. “I am continuing to working on my writing skills,” Erin shared with us. She and her team in Nashville are also working on her brand and cementing who she is as an artist. It looks like we’re going to continue to see Erin experimenting and growing as she releases new music.

We’ll see some of these experiments sooner than you might think. Erin has two more singles coming out in 2021, and she’s playing with a slightly different sound. “We’ve switched things up a bit, crossing over into the Christian genre, similar to Lauren Daigle,” she said.

She’s excited to round out the year and start working on new musical and acting projects in 2022. “We had some upsets, but from the negative came so many positives which is what I focus on. I see 2022 bringing good things that I feel my fans will love and support.”