Ed Sheeran spoiled BTS’ new surprise single last week. In a recent interview, the “Bad Habits” singer shared that he had written a song for the K-pop idols. He also shared in an Instagram Q&A that his favorite BTS song is “Permission to Dance”โ€”which no one knew about before.

Whoops! Ed broke the news before BTS or BigHit Music could, but there isn’t long to wait. Since then, BTS and BigHit have been promoting the song, and it seems like the ARMYs are just as excited as if the group had announced it themselves. (Ed did apologize for spilling the secret, in case you were wondering.) “Permission to Dance” will come out with an instrumental version and the full and instrumental versions of their recent English hit “Butter” on the Butter CD which comes out on July 9.

The song itself hasn’t been teased beyond the title, but we’re expecting something perfect for upbeat dances. (Are we biased? Maybe.) We’re counting down the days until we have permission to dance (to this song), and we can even learn BTS’ moves! Alongside the release and the CD drop on July 9, the group will also be hosting a talk show and performance premiere for the single at 9:30PM KST/8:30AM EST.