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Music is keeping Maisy Kay busy, like multiple singles, travel the world busy. Ahead of a massive world tour with Tori Kelly that’s right around the corner, Maisy released her EP Wonderlust: The Dawn. A project in self-discovery, Maisy found herself writing and sharing love songs with the world for the first time as Wonderlust brought her into a new era that she’s not done exploring. We caught up with Maisy for an inside look at her busy year and where Wonderlust is taking listeners.

Showstopper Magazine Online: Hi Maisy! You’re having an incredible year of music. How has 2024 been so far?

Maisy Kay: Hi! It’s been really exciting, I’ve loved putting out so much new music, and I’ve felt super inspired. I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of the year takes me. 

SMO: Who or what are your biggest musical inspirations? 

Maisy: I’ve always loved Freddie Mercury since I was a child. He’s definitely a huge inspiration for me. I also really love Ludovico Einaudi who is a classical artist. I’ve listened to his music a lot when I was looking for inspiration.

SMO: It seems like you’re a big gamer as well as a singer-songwriter. Do any of your favorite video games (or your many other hobbies) influence your music?

Maisy: I think it definitely does. Video games are such an underrated medium for storytelling, which is what I always want to prioritize in my music. I also raise butterflies which has become a huge part of my image, so I like to bring as much of my authentic personality into my job. 

SMO: You grew up in England before moving to the US at just 14! How did that major life change impact your music?

Maisy: It made a massive difference. The sounds are super diverse in the UK compared to the US, and it was a great learning experience to be able to see both sides. 

SMO: Your new EP came out last month. How did Wonderlust: The Dawn come together?

Maisy: It happened very naturally. I wrote a lot of songs without really trying. It was originally going to be a private project, but I became too excited about the music and wanted everyone to hear it! 

Shervin Lainez

SMO: You’ve said that you never expected to put out a love song, let alone a whole collection of them. What was it like to step out of your comfort zone and challenge your expectations of your art? 

Maisy: It was very scary in some ways, it almost feels like posting your diary on the internet! But it was also exciting to share such genuine feelings, and hearing other people say that it resonates with them made it all worth it. I got to read their love stories as well as share my own and there’s something really special about that. 

SMO: How do you think these songs fit in with your previous work? 

Maisy: I think it’s a good continuation of my last EP Metamorphosis. That EP was supposed to symbolize a change, in myself and my sound, and a new beginning of sorts. So I think Wonderlust is a very natural and genuine progression of that.  

SMO: Wonderlust: The Dawn sounds like the beginning of a series. Will we be hearing more “Wonderlust” songs in the future?

Maisy: I can say this is definitely not the end of the Wonderlust era and there is more to come! 

SMO: You are preparing to tour with Tori Kelly this summer and fall. Can you tell us about what goes into tour prep?

Maisy: So I go to the gym multiple times a week as well as take choreo sessions multiple times a week so we can start mapping out the movement for the show. I’ll also take vocal lessons to get my voice stronger, and then once we’ve solidified both of those things separately, we bring them together and I’ll practice singing with the movement. 

SMO: What are you most excited about?

Maisy: I’m so excited to tour in Asia! I’ve never done that, and we’ll be visiting places I’ve never been before, so I’m looking forward to that. 

SMO: Last year, you toured with JVKE. Are there aspects of touring you’re looking forward to experiencing again? Or things you want to do differently? 

Maisy: I definitely can’t wait to be on the road again. I loved living on a bus last time and just getting to know everyone. It felt like one big sleepover, and I made some of my closest friends from that tour. In terms of doing things differently, I’d probably like to try to not sleep in as late, but we’ll see how that goes! 

SMO: The tour takes you across Europe and Asia as well as to cities across the US and Canada. What songs are you excited to take to a global audience?

Maisy: I can’t wait for “Technicolor Honeymoon.” I’m so proud of that song, and I’ve never performed it live before! 

SMO: What’s your number one tour goal?

Maisy: I hope to get to meet and talk to even more fans, and I hope to improve my confidence and belief in myself further.

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