We are missing all of your smiling faces at our competitions every weekend and we know you are all missing those dance-filled days too. And even though our bright stage lights have dimmed, we will continue to stand by your side! We know these are trying times, but positivity is key and we are all in this together!

Help us keep our dance community positive and connected!

We are calling all studios, teachers, and dancers to send us your positive messages! We want to see those inspirational routines, morning stretch sessions, at-home dance class combos, or even just a positive video message you want to pass along! Anything you think would make your fellow dancers smile – we will post it all!

Send us your videos and messages on social media using #ifyoulovetodance, by tagging us @goshowstopper on Twitter and Instagram, or by direct messaging them to us on Facebook so we can continue to share happiness with our community.

We encourage you to keep dancing and to share your new, dance-dedicated routines with those around you.

Only happy messages will be coming from us! So check our social media daily as we bring you endless dance content from our shows, our magazine, and the dance community around you so you never feel too far from that dance floor. We are here for you and cannot wait to see you again soon!

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