Broadway will likely be dark for the rest of the year, but we can still enjoy the process of producing a musical in this romance drama about achieving your dreams.

High Strung Free Dance is making its Netflix debut Sunday, May 31. While the original High Strung movie has been available on Hulu for a while, the sequel starring Juliet Doherty as Barlow, a dancer who has found her big break on Broadway with competition and romance along the way.

Featuring choreography by Emmy award winner Tyce Diorio and the movement work of more than eighty talented dancers including Juliet and her co-stars Thomas Doherty and Harry Jarvis. Plus, if you’ve already seen the film, then you know the soundtrack is full of orchestral numbers, rap, and pop music, the perfect combination for inspiring the perfect routine for your own return to the stage or a social dis-dancing playlist to accompany your Zoom dance parties.

With High Strung Free Dance on Netflix, you can easily add it to your next dance movie marathon (or check it off of our Dance Watch Challenge).