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Teen pop artist and model KG Crown made her debut last year with her song “Bad,” and after a year of working on her music and her advocacy projects, she’s back with even more pop music to get excited about. An artist that wants to empower and encourage her fans to love themselves and what makes them awesome as much as she wants to share her music with the world, KG wants to continue to reflect this in her projects!

We caught up with KG for an inside look at her singles “Picture Perfect Love” and “Porcelain Queen” and how they’ve been a part of her work as an anti-bullying and mental health advocate as well as her own catharsis.

Showstopper Magazine Online: Hi, KG Crown!

KG Crown: Hi! Thank you so much for having me.

SMO: It’s been a year since you released your debut single “Bad.” What has that journey been like?

KG Crown: Yes, it has been a year since I released new music. It has been a year of great growth. I really just spent the year developing my brand, my sound, and making sure I knew who I was as an artist. I know the kind of music I wish to make and that is so important. It is exciting to be back in the studio again. I’m obviously older, more mature, and I think I’ve improved since last year. 

SMO: How would you describe your sound now? What are your current inspirations? 

KG Crown: My sound is inspired by the genres of K-pop, pop, and hip hop. I really enjoy this type of music. It is what I listen to, and so it is natural that it impacts my music tastes. I am currently inspired by other artists, fashion, and creative people in general. 

Vika Pobeda

SMO: Being an anti-bullying advocate has always been a big part of your platform. How has that continued in your music over the last year?

KG Crown: Yes, I definitely use my platform to support two causes that are really important to me. I am a huge anti-bullying advocate and I also support the LBGTQ community. My brother is gay, and we both experienced a lot of bullying, so both causes are very important to me. I think everyone deserves to be treated with equality and respect. Love is love!

My new song “Porcelain Queen” continues this anti-bullying theme. It is a song that brings awareness to mental health issues from bullying. I wrote it about my own experience of feeling emotionally numb after a traumatic event from bullying. I was bullied not just by kids but also by adults in my community. There is one particular event that left me broken. I suffered from PTSD and depression and just lost the ability to feel and express emotions. For a long time, I felt nothing. I was completely numb. I learned this was my body’s way of protecting itself from more hurt and more trauma. I like to write songs about this because it makes me feel empowered, as if I am taking my life back. I tend to write music based on my personal experiences. 

SMO: You have two new singles coming out very soon. Can you tell us a bit more about “Picture Perfect Love” and “Porcelain Queen”? What inspired these songs?

KG Crown: Yes, I just discussed “Porcelain Queen,” but I should also mention that I am going to be going on a national speaking tour to share my story and support anti-bullying efforts. My tour is called “Be a Boss, Not a Bully” I hope that sharing my story will inspire someone or help in some way.

My other song, “Picture Perfect Love” just released. So please go stream it!  It is the ultimate love breakup song. Anyone who has been through a breakup will probably relate to this song. I wrote the song about one of my past relationships.  It is a very emotional song for me because it is about loving someone, thinking you had this picture-perfect relationship, and then you break up. It’s difficult to watch the person you love move on in life without you. 

SMO: What was it like bringing these songs to life? 

KG Crown: It’s been somewhat healing bringing the songs to life. I look at songwriting as sharing my diary. My songs are all inspired by real events and are very personal to me. Writing music about my experiences or my feelings helps me cope and feel empowered. One of my favorite things to do is to write a really sassy song about something hard I went through. You probably saw this with my song “Bad” last year, and you will see it again with “Porcelain Queen.”

Vika Pobeda

SMO: What are you most excited for people to hear in these songs?

KG Crown: I just want to make music that people relate to and enjoy. I also want to use my platform to bring awareness to important issues. 

SMO: Do you have a favorite line for either song? 

KG Crown: One of my favorite lines is probably in the song “Porcelain Queen,” and it is “You cut me til I can’t bleed no more, you had the knife, now I have the sword.” I love that line because it is basically me saying, “You hurt me. You wronged me. But in the end, you made me a much stronger person!” That is just so empowering to me. And it is so true. I am a much stronger and confident person because of my past experiences. 

SMO: The artwork for the “Picture Perfect Love” is very cool! Can you tell us a bit about it?  

KG Crown: Yes, it is just an artistic caricature of me falling into the ocean, which relates to the song. I love the artwork as well.  The artist did a beautiful job. 

SMO: Is there anything else you want people to know about you or your new music? 

KG Crown: I hope people follow me, enjoy my music, and support my career. At the end of the day, I am nothing without my incredible family, friends, and fans. I look forward to sharing more music with you over the next year. Thanks so much for having me.

“Picture Perfect Love” is streaming now. “Porcelain Queen” is coming soon on September 10!

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