Photographer: Vince Trupsin @vincetrupsin
Grooming: Christine Hazelhurst @christine_pro_makeup
Stylist: Quentin Fears @mrqfears

It’s hard to be obsessed with dance and not know about superstar dancer and creative Kent Boyd. From Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie to Dua Lipa’s music video “Electricity,” Kent has worked across the dance world showing off his skills and collaborating with other incredible and talented people.

It seems like every day is a new exploration of dance or fashion or life in general. We caught up with Kent to get an inside look at his love of dance (including his showstopping background!) and the work he’s been doing recently, pairing dance with LGTBQIA+ advocacy and still teaching along the way.

Showstopper Magazine Online: Actor, dancer, choreographer, advocate…accolade collector? Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.

Kent Boyd: Hi, Showstopper! My name is Kent Boyd and I was a competition dancer just like you! Fun fact: Showstopper gave me my first-ever master class teaching job, so I’m forever grateful for my Showstopper family. Since my competition days, I moved out to Los Angeles after appearing on So You Think You Can Dance Season 7. I started acting on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, ABC Family’s Bunheads, and then on Disney Channels Teen Beach Movie 1 and 2. Since then, I have continued living and working in Los Angeles, creative directing, choreographing, and working with major recording artists and actors. I’ve created my own sketch comedy show, and I am currently in a TikTok content house which I started with two of my best friends, Jeka Jane and Mollee Gray. Together we are #PrideHouseLA and I am @Kent_Boyd.

SMO: How did you get started in dance? 

Kent: My mom actually put me in dance after realizing sports were not enough and she needed some peace and quiet in the house. Dance was the only thing that could hold my attention and work me out enough!

SMO: When did you know that dance and choreography were what you wanted to do as a career? 

Kent: Well, in kindergarten I knew I was going to be a dancer. Then I think I realized it when I was about 14 that I wanted to pursue it professionally.

SMO: You competed on Season 7 of SYTYCD and even achieved runner-up on the show. How has that experience informed all of the incredible work that you’ve done since? 

Kent: That experience was life-changing. It taught me how to be responsible and how hard you need to work in order to succeed in the entertainment business.

SMO: You’ve worked with some big names (Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Vanessa Hudgens). Do you have any favorite pieces you’ve choreographed or favorite memories from working with these artists?

Kent: I loved working on Dua Lipa’s music video “Electricity” because it was in fact, electric! It was an overnight shoot in New York, dancing to a song you knew was going to be a hit. When it became one, it felt really incredible to have been a part of it.

Photographer: Vince Trupsin @vincetrupsin
Grooming: Christine Hazelhurst @christine_pro_makeup
Stylist: Quentin Fears @mrqfears

SMO: How would you describe your average day in three words?

Kent: Fun, free, and chill!

SMO: What motivates you? 

Kent: Watching old videos of myself helps. Also, fresh talent and passion motivates me! Colors and everything fantastical is the key!

SMO: Speaking of motivating, one incredible thing you’ve done in the last few years is help found PrideHouseLA. What has that journey been like?

Kent: It’s so fun and new, and I love it! Getting to work with my friends while also doing great things for the LGBTQIA+ community is so meaningful. Feeling seen, heard, and loved is so important. We’re reaching out to every kid in the world who feels different: It’s ok! Don’t fear. Remember love is love and you are beautiful the way you are!

SMO: PrideHouseLA does more than TikTok dances. Podcasts, livestreams, collabs, do you have favorite things that you all have worked on as part of your advocacy? 

Kent: One of the most iconic things that happened for being in this group was when Disneyland Theme Parks reached out to support us and gave us a day at the park to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. It was beyond powerful. A massive company like Disney finally acknowledging and supporting us meant the world and made me feel proud to be gay!

SMO: Who would you most like to see PrideHouseLA collab with? 

Kent: tWitch and Allison [Holker] and their entire family! 

SMO: You also recently released a dance class with STEEZY Studio. Can you tell us about the moves people can learn from your there?

Kent: Yeah! STEEZY is an entertaining and interactive platform for learning dance. They make it cool and easy with so many great instructors. Check out my beginner class to the song “Beverly Hills.” It’s fun, silly, and not too serious! Film it and send it, please!

SMO: What are you looking forward to in 2022? 

Kent: I’m excited to move forward. I feel like the past few years went in reverse. I believe we are ready to take that huge step forward into the future!

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