Hi, fashionistas!

Chic, practical, and super cute, one of my favorite styles of summer is the versatile high ponytail. Ultimate hair flip energy and effortless cool, this is a style to dress up and down. Taking inspiration from Vogue‘s September 2023 issue, “keep your ponytail high and your worries low!” This star look is trending! Is it any wonder when it can be styled with any outfit?

Let’s talk hair. Vogue says of the high pony, “These are ponytails with purpose: high-swinging, high gloss arrangements with their roots in high fashion. A dazzling detail for a fashionable look, this style is a classic that you can wear at any time and in any place. A walk in New York City, lunch in Santa Monica, a night out to the ballet in London, or a hike in Hawaii, updos are a style to love right now.

It might seem like the high pony is a trend that started in the last few decades, but this looks goes way back in hairstory. You can see the high ponytails of Ancient Greece in wondrous frescoes from thousands of years ago. It truly never goes out of style.

From the cover of Vogue to runway shows at Fashion Week and causal looks to dance class styles, the high ponytail is fierce. To style this power pony, play with different part options— down the middle or to the side—or brush your hair straight back for a slick look. You can enhance the look by curling your pony or braiding it for a runway-ready look. Hair accessories like clips, bows, and ribbons are all fair game for this easy-to-customize hairstyle.

If you want to keep it classic, you really only need a hairbrush and comb and a hair elastic or scrunchie to create this look. It’s as simple as that! Pro tip: If you want to make this look super danceable, add an extra hair tie around your ponytail to keep it in place during your pirouettes and grand jetés. You can also add a spritz of hairspray.

Oh, so so glam. This style is perfect to dance and strut in! Vogue writer Alessandra Codinha got it exactly right when she said, “My hair feels like an extra accessory, adding poise, movement, and youthful exuberance in its sway.” When it comes to styling your hair, the high ponytail is a fabulous way to finish up a fashionable look.

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Christy Lyn