“Does anybody like contemporary dance?” Simon Cowell asked Julianne Hough as eleven-year-old Izzy and fourteen-year-old Easton took the America’s Got Talent stage for a performance about a soldier and his sister. “Yes,” Julianne responded. Continuing to answer Simon’s pressing questions about who actually likes contemporary. “Me!” “Everyone.” “The world.”

And if there’s anyone in the world who didn’t enjoy this contemporary duet, then we have questions. With everything from tumbling to high-flying leaps (go, Easton!), plus some incredible facial expressions on Izzy’s part, you won’t be able to watch them dance just once. They have been dancing together for five years, and their hard work and chemistry are obvious.

It seems like Simon feels the same way. After they performed, he stood to applaud the two young dancers. Who likes contemporary dance? Simon Cowell, apparently.

Now, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for Tuesday, so we can find out whether these two will be performing even more duets on AGT in the future.

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