The second part of Dytto’s dance collaboration with Josh Beauchamp is out, and we’ve been spending all weekend learning every sway, shimmy, and bounce from the choreography. Dancing to “Insomnia” by Daya, Dytto and Josh pick up the story they told in the one-shot dance video they shared in November.

Last time, we saw the characters these two play, having fun dancing in sync around a gorgeous apartment. Now, they’re dancing in an empty flat. Dytto’s character seems to regret losing Josh’s character after a fight. (Don’t worry, though! There’s a happy ending.)

Just like the first part of the collab, these two are perfect compliments to one another (even if their characters are battling it out), and we are definitely crossing our fingers for more dance videos from Dytto and Josh in the future.

Check it out!