If you haven’t been keeping up with the current season of Dancing with the Stars, you have been missing out on some incredible performances including those from pop star JoJo Siwa. Since the beginning of the season, JoJo has been showing off her dance background in exciting numbers with her partner Jenna Johnson (Team J Nation, of course).

Through the night, the contestants performed routines inspired by horror movies like Saw, American Psycho, and A Quiet Place with costumes, lighting, and effects to match the scary scenes the dances came from. JoJo and Jenna performed a jazz routine taken straight from It.

Featuring JoJo has a terrifying Pennywise in jazz shoes and Jenna as a raincoated Georgie, they danced their way through Georgie’s final moments after encountering the demon clown (including that terrifying scene where Georgie loses his arm). Their scary moves almost made us wish for an It musical. For the judges, it proved yet again that J Nation is the team to beat. JoJo and Jenna earned their second perfect score of the season for this number.

Check out their dance! It might be the only horror movie you need this week.