This summer, the Disney Plus original series Diary of a Future President returned with more middle school drama than ever before. The cast is taking on the seventh grade and all of the love, confusion, and challenges that come with it. Among your favorite characters returning this season is Claude played by 15-year-old Travis Burnett. We spoke with Travis to get an inside look at his character and everything he loves about Season 2.

“[Claude] is a hypochondriac, gets sick constantly, and is allergic to everything,” Travis said about his character. “He has a good heart and is funny, but he’s definitely not the jock of the school.” Originally a small part in Season 1, Claude first appeared in the “Disaster Relief” episode, but he went on to return four more times, and now he’s back with an even bigger part to play.

“At the end of the first season, they hinted about a relationship between Claude and Sasha (Carmina Garay),” Travis shared, and luckily they delivered on those rumors. One of the major changes for the characters this season is that love is in the air. Crushes, dates, and significant others are shaking up the social scene at Orange Bay Middle School. These changes don’t just change who people spend their time with, they’re all figuring things out. Like Travis points out, “[Claude] is growing and learning about life.”

Claude is one of Travis’ many roles. From spontaneously announcing a musical theater production at 3 years old to roles in productions of Mary Poppins, Newsies, Elf, Oliver, and more, Travis has loved acting for as long as he can remember. “I always said I’m happiest between ‘action’ and ‘cut,'” he told us. There’s no doubting that! You’ve probably seen Travis on Raven’s Home even if you haven’t seen him on stage.

Travis’ love for acting has him trying out all kind of roles that challenge his skills and even his appearance. His first on-screen role was in Dreamworks’ So Shook where he plays a 70 -year-old man! Becoming Claude in Diary of a Future President doesn’t have Travis decked out in prosthetic wrinkles, but like all of his roles, it’s an exciting showcase of his passion. “I could hardly wait until Season 2 was released,” Travis told us. “It always amazes me that I can turn on the TV and there I am. It was exciting to share the storyline with everyone.

There’s no word yet about whether or not we’ll be seeing a third season soon, but that’s not slowing Travis down. He shared with Showstopper Magazine Online that he is currently working in a recurring role for a “GREAT show.” It’s all under wraps for now, but We hope to hear more from Travis soon!

Diary of a Future President tells the story of Elena Cañero-Reed, President of the United States, as she relives her middle school years through the detailed diary she kept as a young girl. Through the diary, Elena relives middle school and all its major life lessons. Season 2 is streaming now on Disney Plus.