Photo: Anna Azarov, Makeup and Hair: Ashley Gabrielle Spikes

When we last spoke to KiKi Holli, her final single for her EP Chemical Love was fresh in our ears and she was excited to bring the complete project to the world very soon. The sun is no longer playing tricks. KiKi’s first EP is out now, featuring singles released over the last two years along with a brand new dance track that she calls “a departure from the other songs” on the project.

We caught up with KiKi for an inside look at this project that she calls “smart” and “vulnerable” to find out what she’s most excited for people to hear and how it all came together.

Showstopper Magazine Online: What inspired Chemical Love as a project?

Chemical Love is inspired by the collection of songs that I put together when working with producer Ethan Allen. The songs are all focused on love or lost love or first love. The last song we did together for the EP was called “It’s Chemical,” and that’s when I decided on the title for the EP, CHEMICAL LOVE. It just fits.

SMO: What are you most excited for people to hear on the EP? 

The newest song, “It’s Chemical,” is a fun dance song and a departure from the other songs that are on the EP. I hope that you have some fun listening to it. I also love the [“New High”] remix by Lux Mundi. Derek de Lang and Keith Larsen really brought in a whole new dynamic to the song with their drum and bass remix.

SMO: Do you have a favorite song? 

That is sort of like asking if I have a favorite child. LOL! I love them all equally. Haha! I think there is something very special in all of them. I guess “NEW HIGH” has my heart because it is the first pop song that I wrote about which I felt, “Yes, this could really have a good life.” And the new remix just makes it all that much clearer to me. 

I love the coverage that I got in the press from “Sun Playing Tricks.” Rolling Stone said, “It delivers a performance of great beauty.” I’ll take it. 

“Play To Lose” has a super cool vibe and some of the most rad melodic hooks in there. It really pulls me in.

In other words, no. I love all my children equally.

SMO: What was your process for bringing Chemical Love together? 

It was a long process to start. I worked and wrote with two other amazing producers before I met Ethan Allen. Something just clicked when I started working with Ethan, and I guess the timing was right. It was a preparation meets opportunity scenario. I was ready to start putting this music out there. 

Themes of love and loss are central to what I write about. When putting this EP together as a collection of songs, Ethan and I first started working on “NEW HIGH.” It took months to get it right.

Then we decided to redo a demo I had sung of “More Than This” by Roxy Music. Ethan happens to have been mentored by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, and it was fitting that I would do this song with him. I think what Ethan Allen did in the production of this song is masterful and I am forever grateful to have that on record and out there for people to enjoy.

SMO: Is there anything else you want people to know about Chemical Love

Chemical Love was a labor of love! It takes a lot of time, effort, funds, and chutzpah to put together a musical work as an independent artist. If you have the means to support an independent artist, please do it. Bandcamp is a great place to support your favorite indie artists and you can even pay more for their work if you want to support them, or the Patreon platform. 

It truly makes all the difference to us. I am on both platforms as KiKi Holli if you are interested in supporting me. I would be most grateful and there are always fun extras for those that take the time to support me. I just set this up so it is super helpful to follow and support here.

Also, there is a pretty fabulous EP Release Party at Hotel Café in Los Angeles on December 3 at 7 pm. Hope you can make it out. A link to tickets is available on my website

Chemical Love is streaming now on all major music platforms!