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You might go to choreographers to learn new moves, but these experts can teach you more than just choreography. When you go to a convention, the choreographers have often been in the industry for a long time and have picked up some tips. The advice they give could help you accomplish some of your goals or set new goals. So, learn the steps and dance your heart out, but don’t forget to ask these three questions too.

1. What are your tips for improvising before and after choreography?

Obviously, improv can be intimidating especially in a setting such as a dance convention where you are trying to learn with a crowd. It can be helpful to get some tips on how to develop your own flow and make improvising easier from professionals that have to do it more often. If you have specific areas of improv that you struggle with like matching rhythm, engaging with lyrics, or avoiding repetitive moves, ask about those things.

2. What is a common mistake you see dancers make when dancing your choreography?

This is a good one to ask because this can help you avoid the small common mistakes so you can focus on perfecting the choreography. If the choreographer is someone you hope to work with in the future or take on similar projects as this might also be a good question for getting insight into their audition etiquette and process.

3. What makes a dancer stand out to you?

As dancers, we all want to stand out and get called out during a combo. But how do you know how they pick the dancers? Is it technique, style, or emotion? That’s where this question comes in handy. Never be afraid to ask what choreographers do and don’t like to see from dancers in an ensemble. This simple question could inform your audition outfits, style, and how you approach team dance.

The great thing about these questions is that every person you ask will have a different answer, meaning you will get more advice on how to grow as a dancer. You could also ask specific questions depending on the individual based on the style(s) of dance they specialize in.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions as choreographers want to see you succeed and dance their choreography well. Most of them will be more than happy to help you out by answering these questions and giving advice.

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