For Valentine’s Day, you might be sending cards to friends, drawing hearts on everything, going on a (probably virtual) date, or even just eating a lot of chocolate. Kraft, the company behind the iconic boxed mac and cheese, has other plans.

On Wednesday, Kraft announced that they were planning to celebrate the holiday with something a little unconventional. They are hosting a giveaway that will give 1,000 fans the chance to turn their favorite mac and cheese pink–and add a candy flavor.

“To show you how much we love you, we made you something special for Valentine’s Day, Candy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese,” the company said in a statement on the giveaway page. “This limited-edition flavor boost will romance your noodles with a new pink color and make them taste like candy. Sure it sounds a little strange, but hey, love makes people do strange things.”

Will the candy-flavored mac and cheese be gross or surprisingly delicious? You’ll need to be lucky to find out. Until February 8, you can visit to enter to win a box of pink mac and cheese.