When Selena Gomez released her Latin single “De Una Vez,” fans (us included) were immediately speculating about whether or not the singer’s next move would be a completely Spanish project. All of the hype was worth it, because Selena announced on Wednesday that her forthcoming EP would be just that.

“REVELACIÓN, my first ever Spanish EP, is out March 12,” Selena said in an Instagram post. This announcement comes just a day after she shared that another single, “Baila Conmigo” (“Dance With Me”), featuring Tainy and Rauw Alejandro will be available on January 29 which is currently available to presave. (Only a week after “De Una Vez” debuted at No.4 on Billboard‘s Hot Latin Chart.) We don’t know how many songs will be on the EP, but we know it will feature at least two awesome tracks.

Revelación will debut on March 12, 2020 and is available to preorder starting January 29.