YouTube beauty guru and makeup artist James Charles released an eyeshadow palette with Morphe at the end of last year. Since then, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding James’ partnership with Morphe, from thousands of fans gathering at a Canadian mall to celebrate a store opening headlined by the star to incredible support for his eyeshadow palette that he has released with the makeup brand. It isn’t just makeup and fashion enthusiasts getting excited about the YouTube star. The dance world is getting in on it, too.

Yesterday, choreographer Kristin McQuaid’s latest project was released to Dance Moms star, Nia Sioux’s Instagram. McQuaid and Sioux along with a group of other talented dancers showcase looks created with James Charles’ makeup and celebrate the inspiration he gives as a young star and creative icon. “I knew when I saw the release of James Charles’ palette that it struck home. The bold and powerful colors were just like my choreography,” Kristin said about her inspiration for the video. She feels like the makeup and dance worlds are similar, demonstrating passion and art in a physical display.

“I had so much I wanted to “say” in such a short amount of time.”

– Kristin McQuaid

James’ palette is all about “unleashing your inner artist” and getting creative. Every time he makes a video, he puts inspiration not just for makeup artistry into the world but also for people to follow their dreams. Even Kristin is inspired by the teen success story. “I am so blown away that James is only 19 years old! He has created this huge empire for himself in just 3 years. I am very inspired by his work ethic and drive.”

Like all of Kristin’s projects, she had a lot of ideas and a lot of passion going into this video. But with less than two minutes to work with, she had to choose her favorite moments carefully. “A challenge that I faced during the video process was making sure I fit in my whole vision in 50 sections. I had so much I wanted to ‘say’ in such a short amount of time,” Kristin said about the process.

The makeup and dance have never gone together so beautifully. What’s your favorite part of the video? For Kristin, it was throwing paint all over the dancers as they moved through the choreography. “They also were told they couldn’t make any faces throughout the choreography as paint was flying all over,” Kristin told us. “I did happen to land paint on their face a few times..oops!”

Find James Charles’ eyeshadow palette in stores and online at Morphe and Ulta.

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