Fifteen-year-old Lana Chalfoun has been making music since she was small. Last year, she debuted her first album, Aware, and hasn’t slowed down since. We talked to Lana about the trio of singles she’s releasing in the last few weeks of 2020, including her latest single “Be Ok” and its music video.

Inspired by artists like Adele, (whose “range and powerful lyrics” she loves) and Billie Eilish (iconic for her unique way of bringing concepts and images together), Lana has taken her childhood love of music and turned it into a career. After some time in a youth pop-rock band, Lana took off as a solo artist 2018. Since then, she’s achieved a lot, from awards to TV performances, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

“Be Ok” is Lana’s way of exploring the pressures of the music industry on up-and-coming artists like herself. “I have often felt growing up that everything I’ve done has never quite been enough,” she said. “No one told me this, yet it was this anxious feeling embedded in me, that continuously reminded me that I should always be doing more, or I’ll never make it.” She turned to music to express these feelings. “Music is like therapy for me,” she said.

The first of the three singles she’s releasing in the coming weeks, Lana shared that “Be Ok” is in her favorite ballad style. She also told us that the other two songs will be more playful tracks, making the entire trio a musical experience. “I’m very excited to bring some joy and upbeat sound into my music,” she said. “I think it’ll be nice to have some songs for different moods.”

But before we get excited about Lana’s next projects, we get to enjoy all of the work that has gone into this single. Lana filmed the “Be Ok” music video in New York City this year. While this isn’t her first music video, she told us that it was a learning experience. “It was so fun,” she said. “I loved learning what goes into making a music video and the amount of work it really takes.”

With 2020 quickly coming to an end, we won’t have to wait long for even more music from Lana! Until then, you can stream “Be Ok” on major music platforms now.

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