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Multi-talented Liliana Inouye is a go-getter. From back-flipping (she’s a gymnast!) to baking to thrifting to teaching herself American Sign Language, Liliana doesn’t stop. Oh, and she’s an actress in one of Apple TV+’s latest original family series Amber Brown.

Liliana credits growing up surrounded by different cultures—her mom is Israeli-Canadian and her dad is Japanese-American—and moving around the world from Florida to Israel to Hawaii to Vancouver with her 3 siblings for keeping her life exciting. We caught up with Liliana to learn everything from her favorite thing to bake (Nutella-filled chocolate chip cookies) to what it was like behind the scenes of Amber Brown.

Introduced to acting at just 5 years old, Liliana first starred in a commercial where she played a ballerina. From that moment on she knew she wanted to act and found herself in love with the acting classes her mom put her in. “There was something about having a space to just express myself and play with others that was so fun,” she shared. “It was all about play and discovery and togetherness. Since then, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of going deeper into the craft with character development and scene work.” She pairs this love with a passion for gymnastics as well which she says helps her release energy and be comfortable in her body.

Apple TV+

Liliana’s latest role is based on the bestselling Amber Brown children’s book series by Paula Danziger. Apple TV+’s Amber Brown is an unfiltered look at a girl (Amber) finding her voice through art and music in the wake of her parents’ divorce. Liliana plays Brandi Colwin, Amber Brown’s (Carsyn Rose) best friend. Liliana calls Brandi “just so fun and bubbly and quirky and positive.”

“I feel like I didn’t have to really ‘try’ to bring her to life, she just takes on a life of her own!” Liliana and Brandi have a lot in common from their bubbly personalities to their shared interest in crystals and fashion. “My favorite thing about Brandi’s character is that she is so positive and so comfortable with who she is,” Liliana told us. “She’s able to take any situation and see the positive in it. And she’s proud of what makes her different. Like if someone tells her, ‘You’re weird,’ she’ll smile and say ‘Thank you.’ She knows that what makes her different is also what makes her special.”

Playing a character that felt so at home to her wasn’t the only thing that made Amber Brown an fun experience for Liliana. She’s also real-life best friends with her co-star Carsyn Rose. Liliana shared that the pair was pretty much inseparable during filming, making TikToks—one of Liliana’s favorite behind-the-scenes moments was making a TikTok with Carsyn and the adult members of the cast—having dinner together, and arranging sleepovers. Friends from the start, it’s no surprise they have such obvious BFF chemistry on-screen. They even had their own special secret handshake to do before filming each scene!

Of course, Amber and Brandi get up to all kinds of adventures on screen. In fact, one of Liliana’s favorite moments from filming is what she refers to as “the avocado face mask scene.” “That was so fun (and yummy!),” she shared. Along with handshakes and fun on-set activities, she also loved watching the adult cast members film their scenes. “It was so cool and inspiring to see them improvise on set,” she said.

Right now, Liliana is focusing on school, but she told us that she’s keeping her fingers crossed for a second season of Amber Brown. She loves the show not only for the fun and friendships it has brought her but for what she hopes kids get from it as well. “I really hope kids watching Amber Brown can see Brandi’s character as inspiration and permission to just be themselves,” Liliana said. “You don’t have to be someone you’re not, just be yourself, and you’ll find people who like you for who you are. I also hope that we can all (myself included) learn from Brandi to see the positive in difficult situations.”

Amber Brown is streaming on Apple TV+ now.

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