This week on the Showstopper Glitter Drop, Sparkle Society members pursue their musical dreams, TMilly features some familiar dancers, and an all-Athlete Dancing With The Stars premieres. Stick around for some exciting highlights from our competition weekend in San Antonio, Lakeland and Lancaster!

DJ Giggles

Showstopper Sparkle Society member, Alexus Oladi (AKA Giggles) has added a new skillset to her portfolio – deejaying. That means Giggles is now dancing to her own music (and so are we). On Friday, Giggles released her first single “Bittersweet” with ODEE. Now available on iTunes and Spotify, the song has a dance beat with lyrics you won’t be able to get out of your head. Giggles has just gotten started, but she has already mastered the same mellow dance-driven vibe we love in artists like The Chainsmokers. (Read the full article here!)

Embrace Your Inner Superhero

Grab your capes, JoJo (with the bow bow) Siwa is back with a song that will get you moving. The single “Every Girl’s a Super Girl” features sung and spoken vocals about girls supporting girls. Basically, JoJo is repeating Showstopper’s favorite phrase – throw kindness like confetti. (Read the full article here!)

No Excuses

We love to see dancers that bring our favorite songs and our favorite dancers together. In his most recent dance video, Tim Milgram did just that. A hip-hop number to Meghan Trainor’s “No Excuses” track the video was directed by Milgram and choreographed by Oscar award-winning choreographer Charm La’Donna (who coincidentally choreographed Trainor’s “All About That Bass” music video). (Read the full article here!)

Dancing With the (Sports) Stars

Dancing With the Stars is back for a new, shorter season This athletes edition of the competition will feature four weeks of competition and a much faster schedule for eliminations. There were two eliminations in the season’s premiere episode! Let’s look at the 10 couples from this season’s starting lineup. (Read the full article here!)