Grab your capes, JoJo (with the bow bow) Siwa is back with a song that will get you moving. The single “Every Girl’s a Super Girl” features sung and spoken vocals about girls supporting girls. Basically, JoJo is repeating Showstopper’s favorite phrase – throw kindness like confetti.

The song came out over the weekend, but so far JoJo has not announced a music video for the track. This could be because JoJo is busy with her rise to YouTube fame, growing her challenge and vlog channels each of which attract millions of viewers from her huge following of Siwanators.

Even without a music video, we get plenty of JoJo’s personality in this song. Not only did she release the song, but she also posted a behind the scenes video about what the song means to her and how she feels the songs will affect her fans. The song focuses specifically on girls supporting girls, but it seems like JoJo encourages all of her fans to support everyone they meet and to share kind thoughts and feelings