After four seasons, NBC has revealed that World of Dance won’t be returning with its summer lineup.

WOD brought talented dancers from the world-renowned to up-and-coming performers together to compete for $1 million under the guidance and judging of Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo. Across the show’s four seasons, dancers were also given advice and additional feedback from guests like Misty Copeland and Julianne Hough.

The last contestants to take home the WOD title and million-dollar prize were Madison Smith, Emma Mather, and Diego Pasillas of MDC 3. Other winners of the show were Les Twins (Season 1), The Lab (Season 2), and Kings United (Season 3).

While WOD is leaving the United States, NBC still owns the show’s format which has been adapted in other countries around the world including Thailand, Philippines, and Russia. A Polish version of the show aired in 2018 but was also canceled.