New Paradigm Theatre Company is currently taking submissions for by-appointment auditions for an upcoming production of West Side Story.


Email to be considered. Include “CT audition” in the subject line as well as the character you are auditioning for.


Audition appointments will be held Saturday, October 27, 2018.
Mary McCarthy room
Norwalk Concert Hall
125 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT


  • Submit interest to
  • Roles must be learned and memorized before the start of rehearsal.
  • Strongly seeking actors who have performed these roles previously.


The four leading roles noted with ** will be cast with either AEA or non-AEA as specified.
The eight supporting roles noted with * will be local hires only.
We will provide sides specifically for these 12 roles for the audition on
All other roles may bring a 32 bar cut of your choosing in the style of the show.

  • **MARIA – 20-30 A hopeless romantic and innocent young girl. She falls in love with Tony and finds herself at the center of the violent conflict between the two gangs. Bernardo’s younger sister. Strong soprano voice. Range: Bb3 – C6.
  • **ANITA – 25-35 Feisty and assertive. She dispenses “older sister” advice to Maria and tries to shield her from the dangers of the gangs. Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s friend. Strong Alto (belt).Range: F3 – D5.
  • *BERNARDO – 25-35 A proud, strong, handsome man. Bernardo seeks to carve out territory as a sense of identity for him and his friends. Maria’s brother and Anita’s boyfriend. Leader of the Sharks. Limited solo singing. Range: Bb2 – Eb4.
  • CHINO – 18-30 An angry and, at times, naive Shark who turns murderous and vengeful. Suitor to Maria and friend of Bernardo’s. Speaking Role/Singing required.
  • PEPE – 16-25 Gang member, Baritone.
  • INDIO – 16-25 Gang member, Tenor.
  • LUIS – 16-25 Gang member, Baritone/Bass.
  • *ROSALIA – 16-30 Indio’s girlfriend, more demure, not too bright, Mezzo Soprano.
  • *CONSUELA – 16-30 Tough, young. Pepe’s girlfriend, Alto.
  • *FRANSISCA – 16-30 Young, Luis’ girlfriend, Soprano.
  • **TONY – 25-35 A romantic young man and former leader of the Jets, he has found a new lifestyle now that doesn’t involve gangs. Tony finds himself violently torn between his friendships and love. Falls in love with Maria and meets an unfortunate death. Genuinely sweet and sincere. Strong tenor voice. Range: Bb2 – Bb4.
  • **RIFF – 25-35 An athletic, quick-tempered leader of the Jets. He seeks to eliminate the Sharks and establish his own gang’s dominance. Tony’s best friend, he is eventually murdered by Bernardo. Strong singer. Range: Bb2 – G4.
  • *DIESEL – 16-25 Second-in-command of the Jets. Leader after Riff’s death. Baritone/Bass.
  • *ACTION -16-25 The most quick-tempered member of the Jets, always ready for a fight. Tenor.
  • *A-RAB – 16-25 Slightly less quick-tempered than Action. Baby John’s best friend. Baritone.
  • *BABY JOHN – 16-25 The youngest Jet, is beaten up during the opening sequence. Tenor
  • ANYBODYS – 16-25 A spunky tomboy who is desperate to become a member of the Jets. The other Jets mock her for her ambitions but generally appreciate her company. Full of energy and heart. Will sing with Jets.
  • GIRL – Any age. Sings “Somewhere”.
  • CHORUS – Sings “Jet song” (men), “America” (women), and “Tonight” (all). To be considered for chorus only send a short video to

For more information about New Paradigm Theatre Company and this audition, visit

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