If you’re bummed about recently canceled concerts, festivals, and other dance events, don’t worry, there’s still one dance party that is happening, and you don’t even have to leave the house to attend.

Mark Kanemura was a backup dancer for Lady Gaga and even competed on So You Think You Can Dance, but he is known on Instagram for his comedic dance videos that feature popular songs and audio. (Why doesn’t he have a TikTok!?) Now, he’s encouraging his 671,000 followers to dance with him.

“I know that times have been a little crazy,” Mark said in a video post on Instagram announcing one of his dance parties. “I just put on some music and dance around. You can do your own moves. You can do the moves I’m doing, but really, it’s just an opportunity and a chance for you to get moving. As a human being and as a dancer I just find that it’s always helped me to move my body in times of worry and times or stress or anxiety or sadness.”

In an interview with Today, Mark said, “I’m stuck at home and there’s not much I can do, but one thing I can do is these dance parties and connect with people.”

And people have been showing up! Mark’s Instagram stories are currently full of people participating in the party from their own homes on their own and with their families. Some even follow Mark’s lead and add wigs and costumes to the fun and dancing.

“In 3 days we have started a movement, bringing people from all over the world, together through dance!” he said in a post about the massive response to his parties.  “Thank you to everyone who has joined and shared in all the love and joy!”

To keep up with Mark and join his dance parties, follow him on Instagram @mkik808.

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