When a singer with as much talent and emotion as Charlotte OC asks New York City Ballet Principal Tiler Peck to star in a music video, you know it’s going to be good. Serving as Charlotte OC’s alter ego in the music video for “Medicine Man,” Tiler lets her hair down (literally) and seems to become part of the music. Peck choreographed the routine herself, and her every movement is something powerful and emotional.

Peck told Interview magazine, “The tone and fluctuation in Charlotte’s voice told my body exactly what I was supposed to feel and how to move. I didn’t have to premeditate emotion. I was able to let my body ride along her vocals.” Watching this video is like breathing fresh air, fresh. It is gorgeous and introspective. The only things in the room are Tiler Peck and the music.  If you’ve never seen a dance that made you cry, this might be the one to do it.