Still living for all things spooky? October might be over, but we’re not ready to pack away our love for thrillers, ghost stories, and things that make us (just a little) scared of the dark. If you’re still looking for chilling adventures, the new podcast movie thriller Treat starring Keirnan Shipka is a spooky Halloween story about a “perfect” town with a dark secret.

Among the many stars in this podcast is dancer and actor Ryan Buggle. Ryan plays an excited trick or treater named Jake. We won’t spoil anything, but Ryan calls Jake an “innocent kid” that we meet early on in the podcast when Jake’s parents take him out to get candy…at least he thinks that what they’re doing. “Unfortunately…” Ryan said, “Well, you’ll have to listen.”

C13Features/Eric Ogden

Intrigued? Ryan shared with us that recording a voice role for this show was full of excitement. “I never had the opportunity to do a thriller like this before,” the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star told us. “I loved having to pretend I was so afraid!”

Ryan’s favorite scene is when Jake meets The Piper, a mysterious and sinister outcast in this American town that seems to be at the heart of the mystery that teenager Allie West (Kiernan Shipka) is starting to uncover. Halloween is over (Ryan was a zombie skeleton this year, by the way!), but you don’t have to let go of spooky season yet. Listen to Treat on your favorite podcast platform to find out what happens to Ryan’s character and what’s going on in this mysterious town.