We met Laila at Showstopper Regionals in Concord! She is an amazing dancer and model that you just have to get to know!

Name: Laila A.

Birthday: December 5

Studio: Floyd Ward School of Dance

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite Emoji: ?

Favorite Dancer: Sophia Lucia

Favorite Genre of Dance: Hip Hop

What’s your favorite thing about Showstopper

“My favorite thing about Showstopper is it is fun and exciting!”

What unique thing do you keep in your dance bag?

“A snack bag.”

What is the most important lesson dancing has taught you?

“You need to work hard to get what you want.”

Tell us a story about something awesome you’ve done.

“At the end of February, I went to Los Angeles and did a photoshoot with Lilly K from Dance Moms. Also, I went to Millenium Dance Complex.”