Tate Taylor

 A former Showstopper Host turned director. Tate had the privilege of introducing all of the dance acts onto the stage in typical Showstopper fashion, and now he has gone on to do some pretty great things! He was a wonderful asset to the team and we are glad that we could play a part in his journey. 



Where is he now?

Well Tate has been super busy since his time with Showstopper. He is currently a distinguished director, who has worked   with some of the Hollywood’s top talent. In 2008 Tate had his first debut as a feature film director in “Pretty Ugly People”.


His big step into the industry  however was film “ The Help” starring an ensemble cast along with his  longtime friend and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer.  This stellar film was nominated for over 100 awards. Out of that huge number the movie ended up obtaining 41 of them, which were well deserved. One of the  nominations was for “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards. How cool is that? Tate’s most recent film “Girl on the Train” received high acclaim and was a box office favorite.

It is safe to say that Tate has become a major powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Tate followed his dreams and they led him to becoming one of the industries top directors. Tate, we here at Showstopper are so proud of all of your success, and we can’t wait to see what award winning movies you create next!

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