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The latest in Best Buy’s YouTube ads to promote their Intel-powered laptops is a choose-your-adventure style day in the life series with various influencers. The lastest influencer to take us through her tech-filled routine? Nia Sioux!

A day in the life of Nia Sioux starts off with, of course, waking up, but then it’s time to get up and go! By clicking cards at the end of the videos, you can help Nia decide whether to create a surprise dance video for her mom or take a singing lesson, put up with her brother’s pranks or edit her own videos, and even decide whether she makes mac’ and cheese or cake for her mom’s birthday! With so many options, by the time you’re done, you really will feel like you did a day’s worth of activities with Nia.

Who knew Nia would be trying her hand (and voice!) at opera and country music? This video adventure definitely highlight how fun and enthusiastic Nia is about everything she does.

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