Your backpack is packed. You’ve planned all of your best outfits. What’s left? It’s time to set some goals for the school year ahead. These aren’t goals about good grades or making varsity soccer (but those are good goals, too!). These are goals to set you up for the happiest and most rewarding school year possible.

Get Organized

Grab your tabs and sticky notes! Keeping your binders and notebooks organized will save you time in class and at home. Never spend time you could be doing other things searching for a piece of lost homework! You should also strive to keep other non-school spaces like your bedroom and dance bag organized. You’re about to be busier than ever, so keeping everything in easy reach will help you stay on track.

Find Balance in Your Schedule

Dance. School. More dance. Homework. Dance. Sleep?

Sleep should never be a question mark. You need energy to do all the things you love, so make sure you’re catching some much-needed zzzz’s every night! To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, know your schedule, and know when you can’t possibly cram in another thing. Having a balanced schedule allows you to do all the things you love and enjoy them without feeling completely exhausted all the time.

Get Comfortable with Your Style

School is a huge social space. You’re there to master algebra, but you’re also spending a lot of time with your friends and other peers. You probably feel like appearance is super important, and you have to get everything just right. And maybe you do! But remember that you’re checking every little detail for yourself, not for others. Why? Because knowing that you look amazing makes you feel confident, and confidence will drive you to do amazing things. So, know what your style is, and embrace it!

Make Time for Yourself

No matter what you have going on during the day, it should be your goal to set aside time for you to do whatever you want at least once a day. Do you want to binge-watch your favorite show on Tuesday? Make time for that! Pizza with your best friend on Friday? Make time for that, too! Don’t forget that you need time for things that aren’t on your to-do list.