Tate McRae is at it again bringing her dance and music talents together in her latest music video for her single “all my friends are fake”. Tate’s gearing up for an international tour, and this seems like the perfect addition to those upcoming set lists.

Watching the video, it’s easy to see where Tate fits in among today’s pop queens. With a ponytail, dance, and a touch of grunge, Tate explores her relationship with her “friends” in a moody high school scene we can imagine Billie Eilish in. There are even some creepy special effects tears in “all my friends are fake,” though Tate’s are more of a clear shimmery liquid rather than Billie’s black “when the party’s over” tears.


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This 16-year-old singer isn’t the only one shining in this video. Filling out the cast of fake friends are dance favs Lauren Riley Shaw,¬†Findlay McConnell, Jake Mcauley, and¬†Lucy Vallely! While they play Tate’s glam but detached friends in the video, they also get some wonderful dance moments you won’t want to miss. Watch the full video below!