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Evanthia is diving into the deep end with her first plunge into country music. A singer-songwriter who doesn’t stop at training her voice (she’s a dancer and actor, too!), Evanthia chose to leave her hometown in Missouri to travel to Nashville and build her country music career. While she’s been writing and recording (and even performing live) over the last year since her move, she’s also been gearing up to release her debut single “The Deep End” which came out earlier this summer.

“The Deep End” is a country song with pop influences, making it the perfect soft and fun sound to capture the feelings of new love, nervousness, and excitement that Evanthia’s lyrics work to showcase. We caught up with Evanthia to find out how “The Deep End” came together and how she’s not only diving into love but also country music.

Showstopper Magazine Online: You’re a singer, dancer, and actor. How do all of those skills fit into your work right now? 

Evanthia: I am mostly singing and playing guitar right now. I do however audition for a lot of shows and movies. My weekly schedule changes all the time. But I am always practicing vocal, guitar, and scene work for auditions. Being prepared is so important. 

SMO: Your debut single “The Deep End” came out just a few months ago. What was it like to release your first song?

Evanthia: It was such a huge accomplishment for me. I have been working hard trying to find the right song for the right time and I felt like “The Deep End” was a perfect song to launch my country music. I had so many feelings at the moment of release. But I am really proud of myself for the time it took and the growth I have made as an artist. 

SMO: What inspired “The Deep End”? 

Evanthia: The inspiration I got for “The Deep End” was from my journal. I sat down with my co-writers and shared with them some of my entries. I shared with them the idea about how when you fall for someone you would do anything for them and how nerve-wracking it is too. And then the magic grew from there. 

SMO: What made you decide to lean into water imagery (deep end, dive in, etc.) for this song?

Evanthia: We didn’t really decide, it just kind of flowed and felt good. You can relate falling fully in love with someone to jumping into the deep end of a pool or ocean for the first time. It is fun but can feel scary. 

SMO: Do you have a favorite line from the song? 

Evanthia: My favorite line from the song is, “baby meet me in the middle, baby let me know.” This is my favorite because it’s the climax of the story where you are dying to know.  

SMO: The visualizer for “The Deep End” features you in all blue at the bottom of an empty swimming pool. What led to that imagery? How do you think that scene represents the message of the song?

Evanthia: When trying to think of ideas for the visualizer, we threw around being in front of a waterfall, in a lake, or a pool. I thought it would be cool for it to be an empty pool because then we could shoot it in the deep end of the pool. I think it represents how I was already in the deep end, basically saying I have fallen in love. 

SMO: How does this debut set your fans up for future releases? What’s next?

Evanthia: I have a new song coming out this July 28th called “LAST CALL”. It’s another song about relationships but takes on a different view. Download it here. It’s pretty empowering. I will also have a music video that will be out soon for “LAST CALL”. I’m already in the studio working on the next song.

SMO: Is there anything else you want people to know about you or your work? 

Evanthia: I recently was in LA shooting a film. I can’t wait to give details out, but it will be soon.

“The Deep End” and “LAST CALL are available to stream now.

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